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Thunder, Wind, River, and Shadow have fallen. It was time for a new day, a time for the dawn of four new clans. The leaders appeared over all, and three clans were created: Cloud, Lightning, and Breeze Clan. There was nothing left for them at the lake. After moons of long and hard struggle, the clans made it to the wildlife reserve SkyClan resided in. There, they lived happily, until now.

It has been three generations since the Second Great Journey. The clans live in peace, except for the same mock-insults they sometimes give each other. But a new force is in sight. A dark clan has risen, and is a threat to all. Will the clans fight to survive, or will they slowly be picked off, one by one?

Join as a good, or an evil cat! High ranks are open! Get them while you can!

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Recent Events

The next Gathering will happen on August 10th, 2014!

The next Medicine Cat meeting is August 4th, 2014!

Stay tuned for a new plot, comming soon!

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