CloudClan Roleplay


      Note: This is a fictional story I wrote in Homeroom. Nothing here happened, and most characters are fake. 


Hailstar padded out of her den to the distant cry of kits. She listened, then shouted for Cloudwhisper, Skypelt, and Tawnybramble to follower her into the forest. The Medicine Cat, Whisperbreeze, stood by the Medicine Cat’s den.

       “Whisperbreeze, stay on guard. We may need you when we get back…” Hailstar said, and then sprinted away, the three Warriors following behind her.

       “What’s going on, Hailstar?” Tawnybramble asked as they ran into the darkening forest.

       “Four kits. AkuClan. Live to kill. Need to stop them. Before they kill us.” Hailstar gasped as she ran across the forest floor. The three Warriors followed her.

       They soon stopped at a clearing, where Flowerstar and Brightsun were standing over a group of lost kittypet kits.

       “Stop!” Hailstar shouted, running into Flowerstar. Flowerstar hissed.

       “Why do what the Clan leader says?” Brightsun hissed.

       “Don’t pretend like we don’t know about your kittypet past!” Tawnybramble hissed.

       Brightsun slashed Tawnybramble across the face, blood spilling from her cheek and nose. Tawnybramble hissed and tackled Brightsun, clawing her face and belly. Brightsun kicked Tawnybramble off, attacking her again. She placed a claw by her throat. Hailfallstar dragged Brightsun off. “Stop fighting like kits!” she hissed.

       “Yes, Hailfallstar.” Tawnybramble said, hissing at Brightsun.

       “Ha! Those soft Warriors can’t even put up a fight!” Flowerstar mocked.

       “We can fight when we need to. We try to keep as much peace as possible. But when we attack, it will be vicious.” Hailstar said.

       “Yeah. Sure. Whatever.” Flowerstar said, rolling her eyes.
       “Where are the kits?” Hailstar demanded.

       “What……..’Kits’…….do you speak of?” Brightsun said, a sly, nervous smile on her face. You could tell she was lying.

       “Liar. Where are the kits?” Hailstar bared her teeth, hissing at the AkuClan warrior.

       “We don’t have any other kits besides Flowerstar’s. And trust me, if I could, I would kill them myself. They are also Tallstar’s kits. In fact, you told me you were never going to see him again, but then you have his kits? Why am I even here anymore, Flowerstar? I am so out of here.” Brightsun said, contempt in her voice.

       “If you promise to be loyal, we could use a great fighter like you!” Hailstar said, narrowing her eyes on Flowerstar.

       “Eh. What the heck. I’ll join.” Brightsun said, standing by Hailstar now.

       Flowerstar hissed. “I will make you die a bloody, red death. You’ll regret this, Brightsun! I will make you regret joining this Clan, and I will make Hailstar regret letting you join. I will start with the kits, then the elders, then the apprentices, then the younger Warriors, then the senior Warriors, then you!” with that, she turned and ran off into the distance.

       “So, where are those kits? Can you help us?” Hailstar asked Brightsun.

       “Sure. Follow me.” Brightsun said, walking out of the forest and into the moorlands. She stopped by a cave in a rock. “They are in here.” She said.

       Hailstar sniffed to make sure there were no traps, then cautiously made her way into the cave. Three mewling kits lay in a makeshift nest that looked very uncomfortable to the eye.

       “Tawnybramble, grab the smallest one. Skypelt, grab that one, and Cloudwhisper, you’re the strongest yet gentlest, so you grab the biggest one. Now let’s hurry and get them safely back to camp.” Hailstar instructed. There was another panicked mewling sound from the back of the cave. “You go back to camp; I’ll go see what that mewling sound is.” Hailstar instructed.

       “Do you want us to come back?” Skypelt asked around the kit’s fluffy brown fur.

       “If I’m not back by Sundown, set a patrol after me.” Hailstar said. “Now get those kits back to camp and find a queen who is willing to take care of them. Mousespirit should take care of them, I hope.”

       “Yes, Hailstar!” Skypelt said, then they ran back to camp. 

       “Let’s go find out what that mewling sound is.” She said to Brightsun. Brightsun led the way to the back of the cave, where a small, defenseless, very weak kit laid, half-dead already. Hailstar picked it up. “We have to get back to camp, NOW!” she said, running out of the cave and through the moorlands, like a cat from the ancient, and long gone, WindClan. Maybe she was a descendent from the ancient Clan? She will never know. She actually caught up to the patrol that was half running-half walking through the moorlands, and sped past them, Brightsun hanging back with the patrol, obviously exhausted from having to keep pace with Hailstar. She made it back to camp in record time.

       “Mousespirit!” Hailstar shouted, panting. She set the kit down. The queen ran out, Streamkit and Aspenkit following her. “Can you take care of four more kits? This kit is dying as we speak.” Hailstar asked, concern in her eyes.

       “Sure, Hailstar!” Mousespirit smiled.

       “You can name them too, if you wish.” Hailstar said, smiling sweetly at the LightningClan queen.

       The rest of the patrol hurried into the camp, bringing in the rest of the kits. Mousespirit led them into the nursery. “Just lay them in my nest with me.” She said. “The tawny-colored one will be Tawnykit, named after the deputy, Tawnybramble. The smallest one will be Gingerkit, because of her ginger pelt. The biggest one will be Bravekit, due to her excelling bravery and not leaving her three sisters behind. And the last one will be Spiritkit, for her amazing spirit that won’t rest, even when she’s exhausted.” Mousespirit smiled.

       “Those are beautiful names. Welcome to the Clan, Tawnykit, Gingerkit, Bravekit, and Spiritkit!” Hailstar announced. “Let’s leave them to rest a little.”

       Whisperbreeze padded into the den. “I’m going to make sure they don’t have any disease first.” She said, looking at Hailstar.

       “Ok. Everyone else who is not Whisperbreeze, Mousespirit, or a kit, OUT!” Hailstar shouted, the lingering Warriors’ and apprentices scattering out of the den.

       “Thanks, Hailstar.” Whisperbreeze nodded.

       “No problem.” She said, padding out of the den quietly.

       Hailstar sat outside in the clearing, finally able to relax, just as Skypelt ran into the clearing franticly. She silently cursed at the wind.

       “Hedgepaw just jumped.” He said, breathing heavily.

       “What do you mean, ‘jumped’?” Hailstar asked, confused and deathly scared at the same time.

       “The ridge. Jumped straight over.” Skypelt said, still out of breath.

       “Could it be from the death of Mossypaw four moons ago? He loved her, then she died in the same storm that killed Thundercloud, after he tried to murder Tallstar.” Hailstar mumbled, trying to hide her dark emotion from Skypelt.

       “I don’t know. Rabbitpaw and Herronflight are bringing him back now. He was still breathing when we found him, if that’s a plus.” Skypelt mumbled.

       “Whisperbreeze! Out in the clearing! We need you now!” Hailstar shouted.

       “What is it? I’m still trying to help the kits. One has ticks and I don’t want Mousespirit to-“

       “If Mousespirit gets ticks, we have apprentices for that. Hedgepaw just jumped off of the ridge. We don’t know why. It might have been intentional after the death of Mossypaw, or it might have been an accident, like if he was hunting and accidentally fell. Most likely the first answer.” Hailstar said, blinking at the young medicine cat, trying to hide her fear and worry.

       “Oh. Yeah, I should probably help the dying cat first…..” Whisperbreeze said, looking towards the entrance to the camp as Rabbitpaw and Herronflight padded in, Hedgepaw’s body broken and bloody between them. Crystalshine ran up to her kit, wailing in despair. She ran up to his mentor, Bramblethorn, and shouted at him “How could you let this happen to my kit! I thought I could trust you!”

       “Crystalshine! Bramblethorn wasn’t even on the same patrol as Hedgepaw! It wasn’t his fault.” Hailstar led the weeping Warrior away from her kit, whispering to the broken hearted cat.

       “If Hedgepaw dies, I’ll have no other kits left! That would mean all four of them had died! Be strong, Hedgepaw! Whisperbreeze, do something! Don’t just stand there waiting!” Crystalshine panicked.

       “Hey, can you also get some poppy seeds for Crystalshine to let her calm down? Or maybe shut up?” Grassypaw said humorously. A few Warriors started laughing, Hailstar cutting the laughter with a sharp glare behind her. Grassypaw looked at the ground shamelessly.

       “Crystalshine! Hedgepaw will be fine. Just let Whisperbreeze have some time to heal. She’s the best medicine cat in all the Clans. She hasn’t let a cat die yet. And Juniperberry was attacked by a pack of dogs. She died of old age when I was a new Warrior. Hedgepaw will never die.” Hailstar said.

       “What about the rest of my kits? They died! What about Mossypaw? She died!” Crystalshine shouted.

       Hailstar sighed. “Mossypaw died because she was thrown off the ledge by an AkuClan cat. She was dead instantly. There was nothing anyone could do. Not even StarClan themselves. And your kits were stillborn. She can’t do anything about stillborn kits. But anything she had control of, no cat has ever died.”

       “True. I should have more faith in our medicine cat….” Crystalshine sighed. “I’m sorry, Whisperbreeze.”

       “It’s ok.” Whisperbreeze mumbled around a bunch of herbs.

       “While Whisperbreeze heals up Hedgepaw, I want six cats to go hunting, and six cats to divide into two patrols and go on a border patrol to keep the Clan busy and your minds off of Hedgepaw for the time being. Cats going hunting will be: Crystalshine, Grassypaw, Cloudwhisper, Skypelt, Tawnybramble, and Bramblethorn. Patrol one will be Herronflight, Brightsun, and Forrestflame. Patrol two will be Rabbitpaw, Fallenleaf, and Petalshower. Rainstorm, you will guard the camp with me in case anyone tries to attack while most of our warriors and all of our apprentices are gone. Now, go do your job!” she said, turning back towards her den, beckoning for Rainstorm to follow.

The cats assembled into their patrols, the border patrols heading out; the hunting patrol discussing who will go where. The kits were running around, playing moss ball, using a stick between their teeth to hit the ball of moss. Hailstar laughed at their mindless game. “I remember being a kit in the nursery, Rainstorm. Remember how Eaglewing use to always yell at us for fighting?”

       “Shut up Hailstar! I don’t ever want to be reminded of any fun times we had together. StarClan said one of us was destined for greatness. Did it just have to be you?” Rainstorm growled.

       “Hey, this is no time for fighting! I drove off the fox as an apprentice. I got the dreams from StarClan. They chose me because I could handle it and they knew that!” Hailstar hissed.

       “It was always ‘Hailfall is the greatest!’ or ‘Hailpaw is amazing at fighting and hunting! Oh, she’ll make a great leader one day!’ or ‘Oh look how cute Hailkit is!’ but there was nothing about me! I am barely recognized by my own clan!” Rainstorm shouted, running into the brambles around the camp before Hailstar could respond.

       Hailstar sighed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know my destiny would tear us apart……” she trailed off. She looked at the ground, trying to fend off the tears that threatened to come.

       Whisperbreeze padded over to Hailstar. “Hailstar, I’m so sorry…..”

       “It’s ok. You don’t have to feel sorry for me. It’ll be fine….. I can only hope.” Hailstar sighed; she wasn’t use to feeling depressed like this.

The last time she felt this sad was when she was still Hailpaw, and she snuck across the CloudClan border to see Shrewpaw. He was Shrewcry now, a warrior of CloudClan. Did he even remember her? Most likely, since at Gatherings at The Peak he always stared at her with sadness and regret in his eyes. 

Mousespirit walked over to Hailstar, awakening her from her haunted memories. “Do you want to go look for her? Whisperbreeze is done healing Hedgepaw and has her in the Medicine Cat den. Maybe she can watch the kits while Hedgepaw sleeps.” The queen said gently.

“Ok.” She said, the two she-cats walking over to Whisperbreeze’s den. “Hey Whisperbreeze, can you watch the kits while Mousespirit and I go look for Rainstorm?”

“Sure! As long as they don’t trash my herbs. Like I remember a certain someone doing as a kit.” She raised her eyebrows at Hailstar.

“Hey! That happened one time! And you were Whisperpaw then. Crystalshadow was still the Medicine cat.” Hailstar teased.

Whisperbreeze laughed. “Ok. Good luck!” she shouted after them.

Mousespirit and Hailstar ran to the entrance of the clearing, ducking through the entrance, and out into the ravine. “I found her scent trail!” Hailstar shouted, stopping abruptly. They both followed it, quietly.

Rainstorm’s voice could be heard ahead. “Who is she talking to?” Mousespirit asked quietly.

“Sounds like….. Flowerstar!” Hailstar gasped.

“.....So, if I join you, I can be the important one for once? AND get revenge on Hailstar?” Rainstorm asked.

“Yes. We can work together and take her down. And take down the other leaders. We will rule the forest!” Flowerstar shouted.

“STOP!!!!!” Hailstar jumped out of the brambles, Mousespirit behind her.

“What do you want?” Flowerstar asked solemnly.

“Don’t join Flowerstar. She is a traitor and a liar. She kills kits!” Mousespirit shouted.

“And I’m supposed to care? Hailstar gets all the glory here. Maybe I want to be known for someone somewhere. I’ll join you, Flowerstar. On one condition: You will be Flowerfire and I’ll be Rainstar!” Rainstorm smirked.

“No! It’s my Clan I’m generously asking you to join. You will not be the leader. You can be deputy or Medicine Cat, but not leader.” Flowerstar hissed, eyes narrowing at Rainstorm.

“Fine…… I’ll be deputy. Then I’ll kill you to become leader.” Rainstorm snarled.

“You wouldn’t dare…..” Flowerstar hissed. “I’d kill you first.”

“Bring it on!” Rainstorm shouted.

Hailstar and Mousespirit jumped up into a tree, watching the battle from above.

Rainstorm pounced onto Flowerstar, biting her neck, tearing flesh and fur away. Flowerstar screamed, knocking Rainstorm back, pinning her down. She placed a claw by Rainstorm’s neck. “I’ll make this nice and slow so you will always have something to remember me by……” Flowerstar hissed.

She slit her throat, blood pouring out of the wound. Rainstorm’s eyes rolled back, and, letting out a faint wail of agony, her chest falling for the last time, the breath in her body gone.

“You….. You killed my sister……” Hailstar stared numbly.

“Yeah. What’re ya gonna do ‘bout it, eh?” Flowerstar mocked.


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