CloudClan Roleplay


Bulleted Version
  • T/R/W/S Clans die off from two-legs (again)
  • Cats somehow re-group where skyclan lives
  • Cats form new clans
  • Happy until find out rogues formed another clan called AkuClan.
  • Wonder- are they good, are they bad?
  • Turns out they are bad and led by a former clan cat

 Narrated  Version

Thunder, Wind, River, and Shadow have fallen. It was time for a new day, a time for the dawn of four new clans. The leaders appeared over all, and the clans were created. 

It has been three generations since the Second Great Journey. The cats have become comfortable in their new home, now a wildlife reserve. The clans live in peace, except for the same mock-insults they sometimes give each other. But a new force is in sight. A dark clan has risen, AkuClan, and is a threat to all. Will the clans fight to survive, or will they slowly be picked off, one by one?


2nd Person Version

“Come, sit again and hear the story of the clans” an elder beckons you to sit by him with his tail. Obediently, you go over and sit in front of him, then he begins. “It all started at a lake, far, far away. There were four clans: Thunder, Wind, River, and Shadow. And even before that, they lived in a forest, even further away. But they are both gone now …” you listen still, but you imagine it like it was real in your mind…

“We must leave the lake. The twolegs have taken over, and we can no longer survive here. All the prey is gone.” You imagine a blue striped tom. He is talking to a much older cat, one with a flame-colored pelt. However, his eyes are positioned to the right of the other tom’s head. You realize the blue cat is blind. The older cat looks at the blue cat with a concerned expression. “But how? The clans have already made one great journey, and they will be dispirited to move again. We may have won the battle against the Dark Forest, but we are far from peace.” The blue cat suddenly gets irritated, kneading the ground with his paw.

“How am I supposed to know?! Honestly, Starclan these days. They don’t know a word of sense.”

“So they sent you a prophecy?” the flame-colored cat raises his eyebrows in surprise.

“Yes, ‘Winds to winds, war to war, the clans must move to the sky to achieve happiness.’ But what does that mean? We all die and go to Starclan to ‘achieve happiness’?” He scoffed “I’m not going to die anytime soon, I can assure you that.”

The other cat paused for a moment, thinking.

“The sky…” he mumbled, “It can’t mean we all die. Starclan wouldn’t treat us like that.” He looked up the setting sun, coloring the sky pink. “I once helped a clan, one that most of the cats have not heard of. They were called SkyClan. StarClan must have wanted us to go there.”

It was the blue cat’s turn to think now, but there was really no other explanation for the prophecy. “Yes. We must go there.”

You are suddenly ripped out of the dream-like reality as the elder pauses to cough. “So then, they came here, after many troubles, and many cats dying, including the flame-colored cat. On the way, they met a loner who told them that the two-legs had made this into a wildlife reserve, and that is why there are not many of them around. But there were only a few warriors left, and only enough to make three clans, as opposed to the four they were once. Most of the leaders had died on the way, and there was a whole nother’ dispute between the cats. Skyclan did it’s best to help, but honestly, they were still surprised about them coming in the first place. Eventually, three cats came into power. Cloudstar, Lightningstar, and Breezestar. They created the clans as they stand today, Cloudclan, Lightningclan, Breezeclan, and Skyclan. They are long gone now, and new leaders have taken their place.” You find yourself almost falling to sleep with the receding sunlight, and politely excuse yourself to go to sleep, in wonderment of how they made it here in the first place...

“All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here around the outcropping for a clan meeting!”

You are awaken by the yowl of your clan leader, signaling you should go to the outcropping of rocks that was in your camp. Yawning, you stretch and make your way out to the gathering place and listen to what your leader has to say. Almost immediately you realize something is wrong. Cats cast worried glances at each other, and no one is chatting.

“As you all know, a new clan has appeared, called AkuClan. For seasons we have wondered whether this new clan is friend, or foe. We have learned now that a member of the clan has killed not one, but a whole litter of kits in a different clan. They sent a patrol to report this to their clan leader, but not one of them came back. We can only presume that they are either dead of being held captive.”

Gasps of horror ripple through the crowd, and you see some of the queens hug their tail tighter around their kits.

“These cats are now our enemies. We must rise up and fight to avenge the deceased kits!”

Yowls of approval sound throughout the clearing, but you still sense uneasiness throughout the clan. Surely, everything will turn out alright?

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