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I even colored them to make it more interesting! xD

1. Absolutely NO cyberbullying. It's illegal and I don't feel like getting you arrested for your stupidness. >.<

1 1/2. No backtalking an Admin. We don't want to put up with any more stress.

2. No DMing. If you already do that, get a life.

3. Cursing is allowed, since I curse, you can too. Not fair if I ban you from doing something that I can do. If someone does ask you to stop, please respect their freedom as well as yours and stop. The second I see fighting over this though, the privilege to say as you please will go away and you'll have to find a new vocabulary. 

4. Medicine cats CANNOT have a mate or kits. If you want to make a special secret like what happened in the books, let me (Hailstar) know so I don't get mad at you for no reason. :)

5. No fighting at Gatherings. No exceptions.

6. I will check the calendar and post when gatherings are. They go by the full moon in real life.*

7. Warriors MUST follow the warrior code. It can be found on the navigation bar. However, certain rules do not apply to Akuclan cats.

8. Only Medicine Cats and their apprentices can attend Moonpool meetings.**

9. No animated icons. We have barely enough bandwidth as is.

10. Medicine cats, Medicine Cat Apprentices, Leaders, and Deputies MUST be online AT LEAST once a week. Being online means being ONLINE!!  Tell me if you are going on vacation, someone dies, ect. I'm only making it once a week because I understand people that have busy lives.

11. Once your dead, your dead. If you die in real, you aren't coming back. So if you die in rp, same as real. There is no coming back by some magical wind or pixie dust or that other Disney magic crap.

11 1/2. No Powerplaying. At all. That includes forcing other's charries to do stuff, being controlling in the rp, dodging every single attack, or instantly "killing" another rper's character. Your cat is not God, they will get hit by attacks, and please make sure it's okay to kill a character before you say you kill them, and give them a good last rp, a four-post death minimum. That will make everyone happier, trust me. 

*The next Gathering is August 10th, 2014

**The next Medicine Cat gathering is August 4th, 2014

(It's in the calendar!)

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The next Gathering will happen on August 10th, 2014!

The next Medicine Cat meeting is August 4th, 2014!

Stay tuned for a new plot, comming soon!

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